YOLO - you only live once


Do you have friendships or maybe an intimate relationship that is kind of like a dementor? One that drains your energy, one that holds you back, one that puts you down, one that doesn’t actually uplift you. This is a toxic relationship. This is not a healthy relationship.

A relationship, whether it’s with a friend or an intimate partner, should be one that lifts you up and gives you energy, that makes you feel inspired, that makes you feel alive. That makes you want to go and get it at life.

But so many people settle for a relationship that they know is not the right for them, but they settle because of a fear of the unknown. And they’d rather be with a relationship where they get at least connection, but not really love.

If you’re in one of those situations, remember that you only have one life, you only have so much time to spend on this earth and it’s not worth spending it with somebody that is not the right fit for you. That’s actually toxic.