Why you should write your own Reflective Scripts?

In the alt-French, we encourage you to review the work of others and to give feed back (@brady.dyson is the use of feed back okay here?)

Une erreur est involontaire mais une faute est volontaire.

Jusqu’à quand allez-vous continuer à faire toujours les mêmes FAUTES?

Allow yourself to make mistakes IN ORDER TO make progress.

Permettez-vous de faire des erreurs afin de ne plus commettre les mêmes fautes.

When you write a reflective script, you start owning your own mistakes. You make a commitment to your future self to never make the old mistakes ever again.

L’idée c’est de devenir votre propre coach. C’est un cercle vertueux car vous allez vous motiver à vous focaliser sur votre progrès.

Please write your reflective scripts at least on a weekly basis.

How? Simply look over all your posts and my corrections, and make an inventory of your mistakes and your progress. :slight_smile:

Polyglots have no talent. They are simply more motivated and take the subject into their own hands. They create a system to squeeze some time on a daily basis and they show up by doing their assignment. You too will attain your highest potential in French, especially if you make the promise to yourself.

@Ruby @Diamond @Baby_Warrior

Ps: Même ou MêmeS?

Don’t give up on yourselves: do continuous work on yourself.