What is a reflective script? explained by the long and the short

For all the Jedis, and everybody in the French Conversation community who want to know what a Reflective Script is.

I have learnt this concept and this method from Seth Godin’s Alt-MBA.

I know I am asking for you to follow this method and it might sound obscure and strange to you. The idea is for you to develop the habit of posting your work and to continue improving it: being continuously working on yourself because that is my rule number 3 of success.

The secret to happiness is to go for what you want, and in order to do so, a good way may be to work on yourself because if you don’t know what you want, how are you going to do that in the first place?

Also, currently, my 4 rules of success include this idea, even though it might sound cheesy, here there are:

1/ allow yourself to make mistakes
2/ value your opinion more than anybody else’s
3/ work on yourself more than at your job
4/ allow your mind to be flexible

Here’s an episode of The Long and The Short Of It I recommend for you to grasp the idea of a Reflective Script (“RS”). This RS is the last weekly action (action number #5) required to complete the Jedi challenge.

Take a listen and let me know if you have any questions. And until then, I wish you an early Happy Holiday*.

*Ps: thanks to my wonderful wife I now understand the value of politically correct in the US, which is a cultural value
Ps2: thanks to Adi for asking the question about a RS
Ps3: are you going to let others tell you what you want?

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@Michelle @Arsenic take a listen to this episode where the long and the short of it explain what a reflective script is :wink:

They do a RS of their own work. By means of giving you an example… Do the same but with your own commitment to your own work.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the overall feeling or vibe? What’s your general sense of how that went?
  • And then specifically, what went well?
  • And specifically, what went less well, what needs improvement?

A reflective script is a gift to your future self.

Un RS, c’est tout simplement un auto-feedback.

On va avoir une réflexion sur nos travaux.

  1. Lesson 5/1
  2. Poster un travail: une vidéo youtube
  3. Faire des 3 feedbacks
  4. Recevoir 3 feedbacks
  5. Faire notre RS:
    => l’analyse de ce qui s’est passé, de ce que j’ai appris à la fois dans 1, 2, 3 et 4.
    => et j’ai l’occasion de refaire mon travaille de l’étape 2: je peux refaire ma vidéo à lumière

ça sert à quoi un RS?

La comparaison?
Un travail sur soi pour s’améliorer.
au lieu de laisser aux autres le soin de dicter qui je peux devenir, je peux me donner ce rôle en quelques sortes
1 objectif
il y a eu des actions
maintenant je prends le temps de l’analyse

c’est un auto-feedback (que l’on se fait à soi-même) dans lequel je vais répondre à 3 questions:

  1. mon impression général
  2. c’est bien parce que … mais spécifiquement
  3. qu’est-ce que je peux améliorer?
    (4. partager des choses sur moi avec l’autre = moi-même)

ce sont les mêmes questions que l’on trouve dans un feedback mais tournées sur moi-même.