Unchained #1 - Give up on inauthenticity

Reflective Script:

General impression

it’s positive… but I’m padding myself in the back because I know what I did and that’s almost like I’m not putting all the chances on my end of it → change your mindset!


  • Rehearse before recording the take so that the result flows (I know how to do this, I’ve done it before, so?)
  • If it’s not clear on paper, it’s not going to be clear on camera
  • Cut anything that is unnecessary to making your point
  • Have bullet points memorized → it’s a demonstration
  • Use a software that allows adding music for suspense
  • Create more suspense in it → create desire → fulfill → start over
  • Once you’ve rehearsed, you can look at the camera and mark the points very clearly → more impactful
  • Give yourself some time to rehearse, then make a break and only then, after a break, can you start recording the take: no more than 2 takes should do
  • About the slides… also very rudimentary LOL
  • It has to flow → impactful
  • Take 3 different example from different situations → 2 first are from the same example → less efficient proof

Good points:

  • I like that the last take is cut at the end and the last sentence is a slide
  • smiling at the beg
  • going with commitment / deadline
  • I don’t take myself too seriously and I laugh at myself in the video
  • Alexandrin: I like that part the most + the cut of the last strophe + slide

=> schedule it, do it the right way or don’t do it at all
=> it’s a good start, continue but this time take it more seriously, there is a method to follow. Do it.



Part 1:

To be authentic, it takes to be okay with people not liking you or even getting angry at you (-> let go of pleasing others)

  • I was authentic when I told my cousins that I wasn’t happy that they didn’t include me in the organization of my grand mother’s birthday. They got angry and it made the rest of the family angry as well.

  • I was authentic when I told my sister that she didn’t thank me for the gifts I made to my nephews. She didn’t answer me for days after that.

  • I was authentic when… I stopped trying to understand the emails that my mortgage sales person was sending me, because I couldn’t make sense of them, and instead requested that he sent me clear PDF documents reflecting his offers. I don’t think he was happy with it and he probably doesn’t like me.

To be authentic, it takes to be okay with people not liking you or even getting angry at you.

  • If you’re afraid that others might dislike you, your logic is flawed, and you might even be screwing yourself up, but most importantly your entire life as well.

Part 2:

1/ when you’re afraid of being disliked, and you suppress your auth you, remember, your logic is flawed…

what logic?
Letting go + being disliked
manipulating + being liked

1/ It’s flawed because you’re trying to control something that changes all the time

2/ It’s flawed because you’ll put yourself in a situation where you say something and the opposite

3/ It’s flawed because it’s an illusion… your logic assumes that there is a consensus of an opinion about you → there isn’t → 10 min about you → worried about themselves → there isn’t a vote about you

4/ It’s flawed because you value the opinion of others more than yours, but to become successful, your own opinion about yourself will make a much bigger difference in your own success

2/ Okay, you do it anyways, you’re fake but you might be screwing yourself up

1/ because, People will sense when you’re fake and they won’t trust you
2/ because It shows that you seek approval. That’s weakness.
3/ because they might take advantage of that weakness

When you’re fake, you might be screwing yourself up in the future.

3/ Don’t do it. Your life depends on you being authentic

  • Others will have an agenda for you - your life their agenda = not your life anymore
  • You’ll never know who you could have become = won’t be able to discover what’s possible
  • You know better, You’re the only one who can do this = nobody other than you can

Your life depends on you being authentic


Whenever you’re face with the choice of being auth or displeasing people, remember, that logic is flawed and your life depends on real you.


De l’opinion des autres, vous ne maîtrisez pas

À tartuffer le monde, vous ne parviendrez pas

Octroyez vous ce luxe, vous le valez pour vous

Personne ne peut le faire, tout commence avec vous

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