The code of silence doesn't supersede spirituality and right or wrong. Release yourself

By my 7 and a half year in, I had another hearing where I got that police officer to confess on the stand. […] I had gotten so good that I was able to force him to confess, and when he did, after he broke down and he started crying, he said: I was holding this in for seven and a half years.

Let that be an example to other police officers who live by the code of silence: that code doesn’t supersede spirituality and right or wrong. Release yourself.

The very first thing that they tried to do was to try to extort me out of a half of a million dollars. They arrested me and they put me in a room and one of the detectives came in and sat down with me, and in front of me was a one-way glass. It was black and I couldn’t see on the other side but I knew there was other law-enforcement officers watching this interrogation. The first thing he said was:

  • Listen, we can make all this go away. We know that you have a safe in your house, which I did, we know that there’s about half a million dollars in that safe and we’re in there right now searching and we want the combination.

So I wouldn’t give him the combination, and I told him there was no half a million dollars in that safe. Ultimately, they broke in, and there was no half a million dollars in the safe. So there were trying to figure out where this money was. Evidently, some informants supposedly had told him I kept at least half a millions in cash in around. So when they didn’t find it in the safe, they were like “Listen, we can make all this go away. Tell us where the money is and we’ll assure that you’ll be out of here tonight on bail, and you’re going to have to go through the system but you won’t do any jail time.” And they also wanted me to be an informant. And I refused to do that, I was innocent and there was absolutely no way that this was something that I was going to do. So they decided that since I wanted to play hard ball, they were going to make an example out of me and that’s what they did.