My written poetry

They say daughters are attached to their father’s more but I am attached to my mom more than anything in this universe.
This poetry was written long back in 2016 and @Rapha thanks for asking for posting here as on mother’s day it is a great occasion to post too.

I would love to have the feedback from @AchillesYeldell as I have written poetries and have published the same years ago but now I wish to write in my kindle someday.

  • I owe you mumy

I don’t have much to say,

You solved each and every problem that came in my way !

Alas! These words are again short for what all you have done.

You are the one in whom I confide ,

and yes maa you are my pride !

I have seen you as the best wife ,

I wish I could tell you I owe you my life

Thank you for giving birth to this soul,

It’s you who makes this girl whole

You are the lady,

Who dreams every night,

Of her daughter’s future to be bright

The one who taught me how to try,

Who never made me cry.

Thank you for giving wings to my dreams,

And sorry for all the time when I actually scream !

I have seen those tears ,

Which was hidden since years

Thank you for whatever you do,

For making me what I am today

It’s all because of you !! ©Divya Malhotra

@dianeok @nilay.atmaca


Killing it! These 2 verses touched me the most!

Wonderful elegant in picture!

Sent flowers to my mother :wink:

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