My French 5K - SAT SEPT 25


Saturday Sept 25th

Re-Connect with My French Community. How? Checkout @AchillesYeldell 's explanation of the challenge!

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Achilles Yeldell did it! I’ll be following his leadership today. Wanna take on the My French Community Challenge. You have until tonight ± 1 week to run 5K in blue, red or white… or eat/prepare a French meal … or do something French like a wine tasting and post your picture on either:

1/ the facebook event here:

2/ on rise (public post) here:…/my…/1604/4

It’s a game with only purpose to connect with other French or French speaking folks in your community.

Everybody is f*cking welcome, as in anybody alive in this universe.

Pardon my French!

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Facebook… can’t share ttthe video here… man, youtube >>>> facebook… but try clicking on link above for a quick video explanation on facebook…

Je n’utilise pas de Facebook…alors je poste ici. pour le challenge, je porte une “FRENCH braid”. Mais apparement les Français l’appel “tresse africaine”!

Alors, “tresse globale” (française - africaine - asiatique) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Day 2 - 14.5 miles at turtle speed

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During my weekly French community challenge, every day I will be taking a picture of manhattan views while listening to Tash Sultana in my ears and running. I’ll mint them on @boom_wallet and sell them for 6 STX.

This is Day 2. 14.5 miles - Hope in the Wind Sept 27, 21

Day 2 is being minted on It’s entitled:

“Day 2: 14.5 miles. Hope is in the wind.”

You can acquire it for 6 STX.…/status/1442628932864516096

At the same time, you acquire an exclusive 1 year option to MINT the new Day 2 of Collection 2 of n collections, where n + 1 is the number of years of the rest of my life.

After 1Y, if you don’t mint Day 2 of Collection 2, the minting of Day 2 of Collection 2 will be open to all.

This year, I will do 2 collections. The following years, I will do only 1 collection per year. That’s my commitment to you.

For my first collection, I don’t know how many NFTs there will be. This limit will be enforced in Collection 2, as per Da Friedger’s solution to the Bitcoin rocks.

In practice, I have committed to running 7 days each 7.2 miles. If I continue uninterrupted, then there might be more than 7 NFTs. Expect 7 of these NFTs in Collection 1, with a standard deviation of unknown: 7 ± Rapha Deviation.

PM me to acquire day 2. First come, first serve. My twitter taken as source of truth.

Nota: I’m not part of the business, I am the business. (Rachael in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott).

Day 3

Day 3 - 21.7 miles - Running the path paved by a Blue Bitcoin Rock. It’s imperfect and it’s growth. So keep your head straight.

Day 4 -28.9 miles
Under the clouds, close up on the life cycles of empires. Clouds disappear as endings become new beginnings.

Day 4

Day 5 - 36.1 miles
Sunrise run meditation thru Arkadiko’s lenses. Phil gives you a hand, makes the impossible: hold on tight.

Day 5