Life is short, enjoy every moment guys

Life is short, enjoy every moment guys…

And if it happens to be in French, « like » 100% immersed in French, then you know what, so be it.

This is a reflection I had while watching this shining old man with his perfect everything, casually throwing a ball on the horizon of a heavenly beach.

Everything is perfect. He just got dropped on the beach by a beautiful shining speed boat with double engines, that came from a huge and luxurious yatch parked in the distance of this absolutely gorgeous bay.

Everything was prepared for his arrival. Three young and handsome skippers had come an hour earlier to plant a huge tent and installed 4 chaises longues for his friends and him to indulge. They also disposed an array of fency toys ranging from brand new paddle boards to jet skis…

This old man has a flamboyant white beard that matches his white hair. Everything is shining around him, like it’s brand new. And there he goes: he throws his american football ball to one of his young skippers. The sun is dropping slowly as we are arriving at the best time to be on one of the best beaches in the world. Not too much sun, but just enough. Everything seems timeless… perfect like in a dream come true.

If you could play a song to go with this scenery, it would be « Valley of healing waterts, 2002 accross an ocean of dreams ».

One thing still bugs me thou. I see No family? Where is his son? Where are his grand sons? Shouldn’t he be throwing to his sons instead?

My point. Enjoy every moments of your lives guys Because that is worth all the fency toys that this shining old man has: that and a bit more too…


Ps: a young lady with a new born arrived later, when the sun was slightly lower, and she hopped elegantly off of the shining speedboat, and the skippers handed her baby once she had earthed… so I guess I Misjudged and got my answer, just had to be patient…