If you do [not] succeed, I will reimburse the cost of your DELF Exam

@lunight @Divya14

This idea might interest you.

We need a timeline with a series of actions that you will complete in order to prepare yourself for the exam.

I will review 100% of your homework on Rise.

If you focus on executing the plan, and you do it fully, and if you still do not succeed at the exam, then I will personally reimburse the cost of your DELF exam and you will get credits to offset that cost on to your monthly subscription. So the cost of your exam would come to offset the cost for your monthly Alt-French workshop. Makes sense now? LOL

The only condition for this to happen is to commit on a timeline and actions that need to happen for your preparation to be completed, and obviously I will review your work!

Focus on the process, not the results.

Am I repeating myself? LOL


Cool idea! Thanks! I’ve already made a plan, but I need some more push. Gonna share in a couple of days.

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Thanks for the motivation it’s tough :relieved: but , never too late to try hard !
Will keep you posted what came in exam on 18 march.

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