Figure out what you want

Do a self audit, follow what feels good and take action.

Take a listen and let me know what you think of this one:

Or this one:

To find work you love, don’t follow your passion: do what’s valuable.

Explore, get good at flexible skills and solve pressing problems.

Be amazing at who you are: no need to hide your differences

Eccentric or authentic?

With superiority /inferiority complexes you need other people around.

-> interiority: it’s a sensibility, it’s an orientation and it’s the only place in your life where you have got no competition

Aren’t we too worried and obsessed about how we are perceived while missing out on discovering who we are?

Don’t mistaken somebody else’s opinion for your own.

You know one of those people who say they have 15 years experience when they mean 1 year fifteen times: they literally repeated themselves year after year after year.

Every passing year, your job is to be better and better at being who you already are.

On ego: Since that day, I have never been the center of attention: you’re the center of mine (the audience is) and that is a very different feeling.

my life is my message - Ghandi

“You’re a spiritual being who happens to be in a physical body”.

If you think that your mindset doesn’t matter, think again because the placebo effect is real.

Quality trumps quantity.