Become your own teacher - Weekly challenge

"Trois choses donne à l’élève la possibilité de dépasser le maître: poser beaucoup de questions, retenir les réponses et enseigner." John Amos Comenius

According to John, in order to surpass the teacher, the student needs to do 3 things, among which he needs to teach. This inspired me to launch the “become your own teacher” weekly challenge, 100% in French.

I will match anyone French Converser who goes back during the same week to the recording of a group learning session and rewrites and enhances the version of what they said during the session:

  • live session
  • zoom session
  • only condition: going back is done during the current week
  • open to all French Conversers: Rubies, Jedis, BB_warriors @Baby_Warrior @Ruby @JediWarriors

Ps: what are the contribution of John Amos Comenius in education?

Comenius authored over forty works, and he introduced pictorial textbooks, gradual learning of comprehensive concepts, equal opportunities for poor children and women, and practical, universal education . Comenius revolutionized education in three ways: school systems, educational theories, and educational methods.

Ps: Isabelle :wink:

On reconnaît un grand maître au nombre d’élèves qui l’ont dépassé.

Ps3: donnent :wink:

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