A virtual party for people learning French - every 1rst Monday of the month!


Okay! So I was reconnecting with Seth @seth.uj.herning and we both felt… we need to hear from each other. So Seth gave me this idea of organizing a session where all YOGIS are welcomed to join, no obligation, no pressure. That’s right: all ex and current members can join and chaos is expected during this session. So again I repeat, anybody who has ever attended or participated to a French Conv session, even from Molkoi in my early debuts or from when I was giving 100 free sessions!

@Yogi @Ruby @JediWarriors @Baby_Warrior @Diamond @everyone

For you you come to relax… For me I can learn from who’s doing what and what is working for them… in addition to the relax aspect of things!

And, I miss you guys too!

So… and here comes the coach:

keep up the good work, its about motivation and consistency = pays in the long run

Let’s catch up. SOON announcing when and details to connect etc!

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Such a good idea! It would be great to hear from Seth!

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Yeah! Right? I’m thinking after a few of their kind (credits to @AchillesYeldell), to do it on Alt-VR… it’s amazing and much more appropriate for parties than Zoom: you can gather virtually with those in the party whose conversation interest you / you can walk away and go see someone else if you’re bored / basically you are a butterfly and you chose where to guide your attention, versus ZOOM choosing for you in a way…

For now thou, it’ll be on zoom, so expect chaoooooooooos and fuunnnnnnnn! :stuck_out_tongue: @lunight

Great idea !! Let’s catch up with everybody.

It’s been so long .

It’s after a month right?


Is it going to be the time listed? That’s 2am in my time zone on a workday, I don’t think I can make it.

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I figured that’d be an issue… maybe we should change it to noon ET or something along these terms… @lunight @AchillesYeldell

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In 1 month from now, on may 3rd, the first Monday of the month, at 1PM ET

all alumni from sessions ever since I started with Molkoi are welcomed to join at 1PM ET, again on May 3rd → expect fun and chaos, and reconnecting with alumni (yogis) even folks who were there and you want to connect with…

WARNINGS I changed the time to 1PM ET!

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@jeankb @Kiman @Narinder @brady.dyson @seth.uj.herning @Joan @kevinf @shambirose @dianeok @lunight @Divya14 @nilay.atmaca @Isabelle @Arsenic @Taha and @ everyone who ever posted their work on Rise or who ever was in a session!

We have a party on Monday, May 3rd at 1PM ET, and it’s on Zoom. Everybody is welcomed! Expect to have fun, simply chaos is allowed and reconnecting with other alumni!

Link to connect on Monday May 3rd at 1PM ET:

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@Rapha A friendly feedback: I’ve added this to my calendar but not everyone is the same, it would be great to have this baked in people’s calendars automatically (or unfortunately manually) or have the system (whatever it could be) to send reminders before the party so people who are willing to join don’t skip it just because they didn’t see this Rise notification.

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Join my French Community Party this Monday at 1PM ET

Everyone who has ever participated to any of our sessions is welcomed! :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::heart:

If you are new to the community, you are welcomed to join as well, be it as an learner or as an instructor yourself!
If you are not new, no need to reach out, I should be sending you an email.

If you are new, and you want to join, simply PM me for a quick personnal connection with me on a call this weekend (10-15’).

→ It’s on Zoom → it’s not live on social media → It’s the occasion to reconnect with the others in the community. → To have fun!

This one is the first of its kind! We’re excited!

It happens every month: every 1rst Monday of the month and it alternates from 1PM ET to 7PM ET.

First one, this Monday, May 3rd at 1PM ET!

Come by as you are, reconnect and have fun!


Today is May the 3rd! Want to put some French light in your day? Join My French community party! It’s 1 hour of reconnecting and fun at 1PM ET! Everybody is welcomed from current and past Rubies, Baby Warriors and Jedis and even prior to that Molkoi folks, folks from meetup free sessions etc!

If you’re totally new, simply PM me (zoom link and small chat). You are welcomed! If you’re an instructor, you’re welcomed too! If you’re someone who’s a friend of friend or family, you’re welcomed!

Et surtout gardez votre flamme intacte!


Je vous rappelle le lien pour la virtual party: :partying_face:

Great little Virtual party this month with Adi, Emmanuel, Nilay, Achilles and your host.

Words of this casual session:

Formidable → @Aditya123
Communauté → @Arsenic
Fun → @nilay.atmaca
Nager (to swim) → @AchillesYeldell
O’keefe music foundation → @Rapha Rodriguez

It was 5AM at Adi’s, 1AM at Emmanuel’s, 4PM at Nilay’s and 7PM at Achilles’ = 7 PM Eastern Time

Next month, we’ll go back to 1 PM ET → the first Monday of July!

We want you to be highly engaged with the community. Creative.

This time we shared about 2 details of our own and did some skribbling (https://skribbl.io/).

Don’t take yourself too seriously, and come connect with My French community every first Monday of the month!

What time is the July meeting

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C’est à 1PM ET! :cowboy_hat_face: @jeankb Jeanne!

Hello @everyone @ My French Community,

Today’s the day, come and join us! This party is in French and in English. No stress. Just come as you are and relax. We’re doing it every first Monday of the Month at 1 PM ET!

Here’s the link to connect: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This month, we have a special Stand up comedian guest, it’s pretty advanced but you don’t need to understand every word, and remember we’re doing this just to have fun!

Welcome everyone 5 minutes

Roundtable presentations 7 minutes

American dream with Gad Gone wild 5 minutes (224-6 OR 7 to 13)

Split out into rooms - 10 minutes
Assignment → discuss about the sketch → come back to present what you discussed

Present 10 minutes
Have 1 person from your group to present your conclusions

Conclusion with a progressive story round table - 15 minutes

Collective Pictures + chaos 5 minutes

Quoi qu’il arrive, gardez votre flamme intacte!


Nota: à la mi-temps, je conjugue au présent French verb conjugation game: present tense